Dave Green

I have been following spiritual paths and training for over thirty years  and have had a natural spiritual awareness and seen spirit since I was a child. I left stockbroking to focus full time upon a more enjoyable and rewarding career following my healing gift , and now work full time giving readings or training in this field.  I have a great deal of success with my insightful readings and therapy approaches and many of my clients return again and again as their lives unfold and develop allowing them to make the most of each opportunity as they remove the blockages i help them become aware of.

My aim is to use my skills to help you to make the most of yourself -  be that through physical therapy, emotional or developmental support or spiritual guidance. I combine my skills in a session to help you achieve you own needs faster and easier than you may accomplish on your own.

As I make my main income from charging clients as I use my spiritual gifts, I also run a company providing ghost hunts and walks for charity - as my ethos is that if I should use my skills to pay my own bills then I should also use them to help others.  We have raised over £8000 by doing these since setting up the company.

For more information see my websites at:  www.NaturalSelf.cityspacearchitects.com for therapy and training, www.SpiritualCounsellor.cityspacearchitects.com for my readings and www.EclipsePromotions.org for Ghost Hunts and Ghost Walks

  • Reflexology
  • Hand Reflexology
  • Ear Reflexology
  • Hopi Ear Candles
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Crystal Healing
  • Reiki
  • Seichem healing
  • Spiritual Aromatherapy
  • Aura cleansing
  • Chakra Rebalancing
  • Colour Therapy
  • Past Life Regression
  • Future Life Progression
  • Spiritual Counselling
  • Emotional Healing

Available in Digbeth - Mondays




I was born with a gift for healing and an affinity with alternative therapies. I have been working with a great Master to focus and develop that gift using multiple forms of energy work, including Usui Reiki, Seichem, Tree Oganams and have a good knowledge ob both crystals and aromatherapy methods. I am a practitioner of Reiki, Seichem, massage and reflexology and offer them either individually or as a combination treatment. I will work on your physical and energetic body to remove blocks, tensions and give you a feeling of improved health.


Reiki - 1 hour session - £50

Seichem - 1 hour session - £50

Reflexology - 1 hour session - £50

Massage - 1 hour session - £50

30 minute sessions also available for £30

Available: Sundays


Huda Arnaout 
I am a qualified Reiki Master & Sound Healer.
I trained at the Kathmandu Healing Centre in Nepal taught by Singing Bowl Grand Master, Shree Krishna Shahi, 3rd generation master/healer. 
I trained in gong with Mehtab Benton from Texas, an internationally renowned Gong teacher. 
I combine all techniques working with energy & intuition to promote natural healing. I offer 1-2-1 healing, joint sessions or group sound baths. I use Tibetan Singing bowls, gong, crystal singing bowls and percussion for deep relaxation to alleviate stress. 
There are numerous benefits of Sound healing
Rejuvnates mind, body and promotes physical, emotional, spiritual wellbeing 
Sound and vibration is so relaxing that it helps in healing of several mental and psychological ailments such as migrane, anxiety, depression, body and muscle aches 
vibrations help in clearing up blockages by increasing mental and emotional clarity 
Provides deep relaxation and as a result many find it promotes sleep, helps stimulate blood flow  
Chakra Therapy session Cleanses and Balances Chakra and aura
Also used as tool for clearing up negative energy and cleansing of space 
Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy £30 (45 mins)
Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy with Gong £45 (1 hour)
Joint Sessions (2 people) £50 (1 hour)
Group session (3 people) £60 (1 hour)
Chakra Balancing with Sound £35 (1 hour) 
Available: Wednesdays


Karen Jennings

Karen possess' the knowledge to help her clients discover a wonderful and delightful easy way to take control their weight, shape and size. She can help each client with his/her individual needs to break down emotional barriers, compulsion to eat chocolate, cakes etc. Karen teaches the subconscious that food is not for comfort, boredom or habit.

Gastric band hypnotherapy as seen on TV programs your subconscious mind by convincing it that you have have actually undergone Gastric band surgery. Therefore, it enables you to reach the weight, size and shape you want to be. Gastric band hypnotherapy is a flexible, a non surgical option for reaching your goal. You decide whether it's right for you.

ALL of this for £300 over 3 sessions or if Gastric band hypnotherapy is not required the price is £199.

Available:  Alternate Thursdays





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