"Our work is not merely concerning sensible design; it's about how sensible design enhances the well-being of individuals and makes a positive influence on society at the giant."

Residential Building Designed by City Space

City Space Engineering Consultancy (CSEC) is one of the leading Architectural & Engineering design firms in UAE, established in Dubai on 8 September 2003. As a responsive client-oriented firm, we consistently deliver innovative solutions reinforced by responsive client service and a commitment to quality and excellence.

We highly value our client's objectives by providing outstanding architectural and engineering design services that address their business issues. We attract, recruit and retain the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, and we provide a collaborative culture that enables them to thrive professionally and personally. We deliver superior financial results to the investment community while contributing to the communities in which we live and work. Our Architects & Engineering consultants are the core of City Space Engineering Consultancy, and we encourage their participation in efficient designs that are robust and adaptable, requiring minimum maintenance, while maximizing lifespan. Their commitment to superior service will ensure long-term customer satisfaction, which is the key to continued growth.

CSEC firmly believes that design solutions must fit to the time, place and culture in which they are located. Guided by this principle, CSEC utilizes its vast resources and worldwide experience in building and maintaining strong client loyalty and establishes strong, new relationships by offering them a full range of construction services, reflecting outstanding architectural and engineering solutions. Now our experience extends to various types of projects: Residential, Mixed Use Complexes, High Rise Buildings, Public Buildings, Offices, Hospitality, Commercial, Religious, and Industrial.

What can we do for you?

Architectural Design

City Space Engineering Consultancy is a full-service firm providing architectural master planning, functional planning, and architectural design services. Also we ensure the efficient completion of projects; on time and on budget.

Structural Design

City Space Engineering Consultancy offers a full range of structural engineering and design services. We rethink structures to make them more responsive to evolving demands – whether for large or small buildings.

Building Services

City Space Engineering Consultancy brings together a worldwide community of inventive and highly skilled building engineers and designers – together we help our clients to shape ambitious buildings.

LandScape Architecture

Our landscape designers help to steer sustainable outcomes on projects of any scale. We contribute master plans for new projects and renewal schemes. our landscape architecture solutions help create inspiring places, and strategies to produce more liveable cities.